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Name:Layla Lily Morton
Birthdate:Jun 10
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:♥ Dream Like New York

Layla Lily Morton is the youngest child to the Morton family who were born and raised in California. She was preceded by an older sister, Annalise, and two older brothers, all of whom followed in the footsteps of their dad and became cops, just like many generations before them. But Layla was born ten years after her second brother when her mother accidentally fell pregnant thinking she was already going through menopause. She was a shock, but they happily got used to the shake up, and Layla couldn't be closer to her family if she tried. When her dad retired from the police force, Layla moved to New York with them and she was over the moon at the change so she could be closer to her big sister, who had moved there when she joined the police force herself.

They arrived in the City when Layla was a freshman in high school, and that was where she met William "Will" Jackson, and they fast became best friends. It was never a crushy or romantic scenario. They just bonded over a love of mutual things and they only knew each other a year when Will fell seriously sick and was diagnosed with leukemia. Layla was terrified she was going to lose her best friend, and even though it scared her to see him so sick, she stuck by his side and did her best to keep his spirits up through his cancer battle and chemotherapy. She even shaved her own head when Will lost his hair and in a sheer determined attempt not to fall into a ball and sob her heart out, she went shopping and bought him no less than 50 different hats he could wear.

It seemed like he battled the illness forever, and after school every day when Will was going through his chemo sessions, she would take her laptop to the hospital and sit with him watching every episode of Supernatural on DVD to date. It was during one of these visits that Will quietly confessed to her that he thought he might be gay after catching himself having a crush on one of his male nurses. Before that, he hadn't thought much about sex because the chemo affected that, so he never considered he might be anything but straight. After that, Layla hunted down the box set of Queer as Folk, having finished all the Supernatural episodes, and watching that together, Will was able to confirm he was, in fact, gay and Layla promised him she would help him find a boyfriend as soon as he got better, even if that point, it was unsure whether he would make it.

But he did make it, and he has just been given the news he has gone into remission. His hair is beginning to grow back, and he's feeling better every day. To celebrate, with permission off their parents, Layla and Will got matching tattoos on their backs of a heart with the words "Friends Forever" and they're as close as they have ever been.

Layla made the choice to sign up for a year student exchange for a year, realising after Will's cancer battle that life was too short. It was because of Will that she chose Australia. She was placed with a family in Melbourne, Australia, and truly loved every minute of the adventure. She knows she has missed probably one of the most emotionally-taxing years of Will's life, but whilst over there, she has done a lot of soul-searching herself. Her goal is to study Social Work to work with teenagers battling cancer, starting her own business with a fashion stylist partner that gives them makeovers over fighting through chemotherapy to help them reclaim their identities and figure out who they are after living for so long with an illness defining them.

Layla is a typical teenage girl who likes shopping, hanging out with friends, music, movies, and is a passionate fangirl. She is a huge fan of Angel Shaw, Damien Larson and the popular Aussie boyband, Electricks. But her biggest hero is her BFF, and she cannot be more relieved or proud of him that he beat the Big C, now with a renewed determination to find him his first boyfriend.

Layla is an original character for the PSL/musebox, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork.
For RP and muse writing purposes only. No infringement intended. PB is Dove Cameron, who belongs to herself.

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